About myWebMachine

myWebMachine is the Advanced Desktop Sharing platform owned and operated by Build Found Ltd, a network tools and communication company headquartered in Australia with offices in Brazil and Urguay.

myWebMachine is made up of an international team passionate and driven to empower the individual in an ever changing economy. With desktop sharing becoming mainstream our goal is to help take customer support to the next level by creating the right set of tools for anyone wanting to become the captain of their own destiny, and the drivers of their industry right from the comfort of their myWebMachine point of presence.

In our quest to be agents of change in the new online support , our expertise in internet technologies and solid background in digital marketing and communication allows us to offer users the opportunity to use our system in any network environment and connect to their machine anytime and anywhere, suppliers and customers recognizable on a personal level. After all, connections are everything, so lets get connected.

myWebMachine is a subsidiary of Build Found Ltd.

Build Found Ltd , established in 1995, is a software development company specialized in:

Desktop sharing tools

Network tools and software

Java, VCL, FireMonkey, ASP.NET, .NET, IntraWeb component development

Windows, Web, Android, iOS, Windows Phone development projects

Consulting & custom project development

Build Found has a team of experienced developers with main office in Australia, Europe as well as offices in Uruguay & Brazil.

Contact information
For sales questions: sales@mywebmachine.de.

For all questions, comments and feature requests for components please use our contact form.


For all questions, comments and feature requests for myWebMachine please use our contact form.

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