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Setup: Requirements:

Windows 7 Or Higher
1Ghz CPU 1GB of Memory
Pure install: 8 Megabytes + 160Megabytes if .NET 4.5 or VC++ Redistributable are not installed
Setup Errors: If setup fails to download and Install .NET framework or Visual C++ 2013 Redistributable on your machine you may download and install them from the following links:
.NET Framework 4.5
Visual C++ 2013 Redistributable

Which steps should I follow to use this system?

1. Sign up to myWebMachine network through the following link:
Signup to myWebMachine
2. Download the software from here
3. Install the software on your machine, requirements are: NET 4.5 and VC++ RunTime 2013.
4. If you want to use a Direct IP Address please enable the account you want and enter a password for each profile.
5. If you want to use myWebMachine network you must Login to the system from the following screen.
6. To use the software, you must press the ‘Play’ button.

How can I Invite others to control my machine?

1. You can send them a Partner Link, by clicking on the box below it will be copied to clipboard and you can email or sent it through IM software.
2. Then you will need to Enter to and then Login To Client Machine and enter your PartnerId/Password.

How can I let others to access to my machine permanently?

1. Login to myWebMachine network.
2. Go to Settings/Devices
3. Link Authorized Users
4. Add an authorized User/Email (other user must be a member of myWebMachine network).

How can I remove the user from the authorized list?

1. Login to myWebMachine network
2. Go to Settings/Devices
3. Link Authorized Users
4. Click on Remove Button

How long are PartnerId/PartnerPassword or Partner Link valid?

After you conenct to myWebMachine network you have a panel on the right box of myWebMachine main Window, when the automatic check box is checked every 30 Minutes you will have an automatically renewed PartnerId/Password otherwise, till you press renew button it will stay unchanged.

How to install License from the website?

You may request license within two ways.
1. Login to myWebmachine network
2. Go to Settings / Licenses
3. Press buy new license
5. Go to Settings/Devices
6. Press License on your device
7. Press Apply License

May I have multiple licenses?

Yes, you can have several licenses but to use them you must set them as default license by:
1. Go to Settings/Licenses
2. Press Select as Default License

When will the duration of my license be applied to a device?

When you first apply, your license duration for your device will be started automatically. For example if you bought a 30 day license from the day you apply this license on your device will be valid for 30 days.

How do I add a license to a device?

The duration of your new license will be added to your older valid license. For example if your older license is valid till next 22 days you will have the new license applied for 22 Days + the days of new License.

What does the number I see in Settings/Licenses mean?

This means the number of machine licenses has been applied and there are counted points to how much it has been used. You can use a 3 month license on the same device, so you will have a 6 month valid license on the device. When you apply a license, the number will increase respectively. For example if you see the number five, meaning five times applied on device or different devices, normally you must use it for different devices.

double-click myWebMachine and it does not appear to start?

Check if myWebMachine is not already running. You can see the myWebMachine icon in the Windows taskbar when it is running

I close myWebMachine but it is still visible in the taskbar?

Closing myWebMachine from its main window minimizes the application to the taskbar. To fully close myWebMachine, right-click the icon on the Windows task bar and choose Exit.

I start myWebMachine and I get a message that myWebMachine cannot use port 16500 (or another port number)?

Another application must already be using port 16500. Go to myWebMachine settings and change the port number in the General settings page

myWebMachine is started but I can't connect from a browser from another machine?

Verify that the URL you type in the browser (see Info icon on main myWebMachine screen) is correct

myWebMachine is started, I use the correct URL but I still cannot connect from a browser from another machine?

Verify that the firewall or some antivirus software is not blocking the myWebMachine software. Make sure that such software allows the myWebMachine application to work with the network connection on your machine.

myWebMachine is running and I can access the machine via the browser in the local network but not when browsing from another location?

The machine in your local network must be accessible from outside. The IP address of your machine in the local network might be different from the outside IP address. When you Google for "my public IP address", Google will show this. In addition, the port myWebMachine is using might be blocked for outside access in your router. Verify your router settings that this port is not blocked or setup port forwarding when needed in the router. Finally, some ISP's will block outside/public access to machines connected to their network. If this is the case, myWebMachine WAN version will be needed for outside/public access