myWebMachine Enterprise Edition

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We provide myWebMachine® for a fixed annual licensing fee. This is calculated according to the number of clients. There are no limits with regard to the number of projects, the number of users or the volume of data you can manage. The overall system is divided into a basic system and optional functional modules.

The basic system comprises the Control panel for users,Administration Tools, Some Optional modules , developer tools and cloud SDK.

The annual license includes specialist Enterprise support. This includes all system-related configuration work (e.g. enabling and disabling of modules) and regular updates. Second level support is available for nominated contacts with short response times via a special telephone number. All configuration work and updates are carried out remotely following your consent. We can, if you wish, integrate your system into our monitoring services and constantly check it for availability.

This means that your system administrators do not need to familiarize themselves in great detail with myWebMachine®. This in turn means that you can avoid additional personnel costs.

System requirements

In order to ensure problem-free commissioning, we use modern networking technologies throughout and provide you with the myWebMachine® platform as a custom-configured guest system for the customer environment.

A working Microsoft SQL Server 2012™ database installed on Microsoft Windows Server 2012™ is required for the system's operation. If you do not already have Microsoft SQL Server 2012™ or Microsoft Windows Server 2012™, we will be happy to make you an offer for operation and licensing through our status as Microsoft™ partners.

If you have specific requirements beyond the above, we will be happy to draw up a customized solution for you.(RSA® SecurID Token, separation of the web and application servers, etc.).